Why Buy a Used Car

People tend to think of used cars as the consolation prize when you don't have the budget for something brand new, but buying used actually has lots of benefits. Even if you can afford to buy a new car, don't automatically rule out something used!

Used cars don't have to be scary, and you don't have to get them off of Craigslist. Go to a dealership and ask about their used inventory, and you can be pretty sure they aren't selling you a lemon (but it's never a bad idea to get an inspection done anyway). If you buy a car that's just a few years old, it's probably in pretty good shape.

Used cars aren't just cheaper initially, either. They cost less in insurance, for one, and they're a better investment if you plan to resell at some point because you've missed the big depreciation period. Plus, if you do buy from a dealership, you can ask about their certified pre-owned cars, and while they're a little more expensive than the regular used ones, they're also virtually like new.

The best thing about buying a used car is how much more choice you have. You can buy a better car for less money than you'd pay for something brand new and lower quality! So don't write off used cars-they're a great investment and a smart choice. 

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