Technology Spotlight - How to Change a Tire

You know all of those horror movies where someone gets a flat tire in the middle of nowhere and gets stranded? We all know how those movies end. Don't let that be you! Here are some tips on how to change a flat tire.


You'll need a spare tire, a carjack, and a wrench.

  1. Pull over - Pull over to a safe spot and throw on your hazard lights. If you're on the highway, best to take the nearest exit.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts - Use the wrench to loosen them, but don't remove them yet.
  3. Jack it up - Use the carjack to lift the car off the ground. Your owner's manual will tell you where to specially place the jack on your particular model vehicle.
  4. Take off the lug nuts and tire - Remove all of the lug nuts and keep them close. Then, pull your tire straight off your car.
  5. Spare and lug nuts on - Line up the holes of the spare with the lug nut posts and push your spare on. Then, put your lug nuts back on.
  6. Lower car and tighten lug nuts - Lower your car back down, remove your jack, and tighten those lug nuts all the way.
  7. If you need any assistance or have any questions surrounding your tires, just stop by Royal Moore Toyota's service department and we'll help out today!