The Toyota Motor Corporation started in 1933 and was originally a part of the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works Company, a company owned by Sakichi Toyoda devoted to the production of automatic and manual looms.

Toyoda Automatic Loom Works was encouraged by the Japanese government, at war with China, to start making automobiles, so in 1929 Toyoda's son Kiichiro traveled to the United States and Canada to study automobile production. By 1930, the younger Toyoda was researching gas-powered engines, and in 1934, the automobile division produced the first Type A engine. The first Toyota car, the Model A1, was released in 1955.

Toyota's name was changed from Toyoda in 1937 because the characters used to write "Toyota" had eight strokes, and eight is a lucky number in Japan.

Toyota produced trucks for the Japanese Imperial Army during World War II and struggled financially when the war ended, but after getting a loan, implementing significant layoffs, and the start of the Korean War, business started to boom again. The US military ordered the production of more than 5,000 vehicles, which brought the company back from the brink of bankruptcy.

Taizo Ishida took over the company from Kiichiro Toyoda and effected several policies and changes that had a huge impact on the success of the company, including opening a plant in 1959 that gave Toyota an advantage over Nissan. The 1950s were a busy decade for Toyota; the Toyopet dealer chain came to be in 1956, and the Toyopet Crown became the first ever vehicle exported to the United States in 1957.

Throughout the 1960s Toyota expanded globally, building plants and selling vehicles all over the world. Since then the Japanese brand has developed a reputation for efficiency, environmental consciousness, and high-quality engineering.

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