The Toyota Corolla has been on the market for nearly half a century, having begun production in 1966. Back then, it was a competitor in the subcompact car market. In 1991, it moved into the compact car segment, where it continues to compete today. A lot happens over the course of 50 years and with eleven generations, 40 million units, and several gradual redesigns, that couldn't be truer.

The first Toyota Corolla hit the streets in 1966. Just eight years later, it became the bestselling car worldwide. Thirty years after its introduction to the market, it became the bestselling nameplate in the world, beating out the Volkswagen Beetle. In July 2013, the Corolla passed a huge milestone: 40 million units. While its twin, the Toyota Sprinter, was discontinued in 2000, the Corolla we know is still going strong.

From the first generation to the eighth (1966 - 2000), the Corolla saw major innovative technical upgrades and gradually gained a rounder, more aerodynamic shape over the years. As customer's tastes in compact cars changed, so did the Toyota Corolla, which sold more than 230,000 units in the United States alone in 2000, when the ninth generation debuted.

The ninth generation continued to change shape and became more fuel efficient than its competitors. In the last year of production, 2006, the ninth-generation Corolla sold more than 387,000 units. With a 150,000 increase in sales over the ninth-generation's run, the Corolla grew more popular and Toyota expanded the market.

The tenth-generation continued on the path it had since the second generation, growing slightly more rounded and gaining better fuel economy. The Corolla also added Canada to the short list of countries of availability, which also includes Australia and the United States. In 2008, the first year it was available, the Corolla moved 351,000 units in the United States, more than 57,000 in Canada, and nearly 50,000 in Australia.

The current eleventh-generation Corolla is all over the road. With more than 389,000 sold in 2013 combined between the United States, Canada, and Australia, driving anywhere without seeing a Corolla can be a challenge. In 2014, Toyota began offering the Corolla in Pakistan, where it sold 73,000 units. With its long, consistent sales history, the Toyota Corolla looks like it'll continue to be around for years to come.

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