Treat Yourself with a Toyota Credit Card

Drivers around the greater Pacific Northwest who are looking for ways to make their money go further should turn their attention to the Toyota Rewards Visa Card. This card is designed to give back on every purchase you make, allowing you to redeem points that you can use towards future purchases.

Where You Can Get a Toyota Credit Card?

Hillsboro drivers can apply for the Toyota Credit Card through Comenity Capital Bank. Getting the card is subject to credit approval, but so long as you have everything in order, you should be approved quickly.

What are the Benefits of a Toyota Credit Card?

There are multiple benefits to the Toyota Credit Card that you can't get with other cards. You'll be able to savor six months of zero interest if you pay all dealership purchases of $199 or more in full. There's also a point system that converts your purchases into a special currency. You'll earn points in different ways, depending on what you purchase.

For example, if you come into Royal Moore Toyota for an oil change, you'll get five points for every dollar you spend. This applies to every Toyota dealership in the nation, so even if you aren't in the area around Willamette Valley, you'll still get the same benefits.

Of course, you aren't restricted to being rewarded just by making purchases at a Toyota dealership. Buying gas, going out to dinner, or seeing a movie all get you two points for every dollar spent, while every other purchase gets you one point per dollar. No matter where Visa is accepted, you can earn points.

Get Approved Today

At Royal Moore Toyota, we're always looking out for our customers. We strongly believe that the Toyota Credit Card is the best way for our customers around Hillsboro to get the best value for their hard-earned money, not just at our dealership, but in their daily lives. We're just as passionate about looking out for you as we are about the vehicles and financing we provide, and as always, we look forward to serving you.

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