2016 Toyota Prius Spotlight


2016 Toyota Prius


The 2016 year brought in an all-new generation of the Prius. Hailed as one of the first in its class, and certainly recognized as the hybrid that brought greener fuel alternatives to the forefront of the auto industry, the Toyota Prius has a legacy of innovation. However, the 2016 Toyota Prius isn't all about being environmentally conscious with nothing else to show for it. Decades of experience have made the 2016 Prius a stylish and fun car to drive unlike any other.


The new generation was designed to wow customers who may otherwise not be attracted to the hybrid segment with its striking, sporty appearance. The dramatic look, coupled with LED lights and a comfortable, well-designed interior, give the 2016 Prius a more upscale vibe than ever before. There's even 27.4 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats, which can be folded for up to provide 65.5 cubic feet of space, allowing drivers to optimize the amount of storage in the Prius.


Of course, the cabin is packed with futuristic tech, too, such as available wireless charging, an optional 7-inch touchscreen display, and the standard Multi-Information Display that gives drivers real-time updates on the status of their vehicle. Convenient steering wheel-mounted controls give you full control over any of these features.


The Prius has undergone a complete performance makeover, as well. The inclusion of an aerodynamic rear spoiler, a more rigid body, and an athletic double-wishbone rear suspension help the 2016 Prius feel less like a hybrid and more like a sports car.


All these fancy updates would mean nothing, however, if the 2016 Toyota Prius wasn't still the leader of the hybrid segment. The standard Prius comes with a fuel rating of 54 mpg in the city and 50 on the highway, but if you want to bump it up, the Prius Two Eco trim level can achieve up to 58 mpg in the city, making it the most efficient car to ever grace the road.